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Champion Lineage

Welcome to Sweet Apple Pugs!
We live in a charming rural community in the beautiful High Desert of Nevada. My husband; Gene and I are retired, so when a litter of puppies come into our lives, we dedicate ourselves to taking the best care of our Pug babies.     

We absolutely love each and every one of our Pugs. We do everything we can to make sure our Momma Pug's health is well maintained all year round, taking special measures during their pregnancies by keeping them on a proper diet, in order to whelp very healthy, robust pups. When it's time to deliver, we're at her side, comforting and supporting her in every way. Giving each pup our Human Imprinting from the moment they're born.

Adding to the high caliber of quality, Our pups are hand raised in our home from the time they're born, to the time they are placed with their families. We shower them with lots of love and attention, socializing and preparing them for a long life of loyal companionship. We teach them to go potty outside (weather permitting). They're crate trained which is great for traveling, or a safe place to put them while you're out of the house, and a cozy spot for bedtime. We take our pups on car rides to get them used to traveling as well. We're always in search of better ways to bring up a litter, and over time have found some wonderful methods and wiser ways of doing things. We learn from every litter.   

We have some of the best looking Pugs around. We take great care to keep our line within the Pug standard, (no ultra bulging eyes in this line). We hear from our Sweet Apple families that received a Pug from us in the past, (and still get pictures) as well as from our new families that just got their puppy home. We enjoy hearing their stories of how adorably sweet, open and loving these little guys are and how well their puppy fit right in, as if he/she had been a part of their family all along. It's a goal we strive to meet with every puppy.

We have 1 to 3 litters in a year. We do not over breed our Momma Pugs. We do have a Future placement list, so when a litter is due, we send emails to all those on the list that we have interviewed, before we place an ad on the web. Placing a puppy before they are born or soon after their birth is ideal. A $200.00 non-refundable deposit places your puppy on the reserved list. Our puppies are wormed with some of the best formula on the market and are up to date on their shots when they go to their new homes at 8 weeks old.

To take some of the burden off our Sweet Apple family, we do offer, for a nominal travel fee, to meet those that are coming a long way to pick up their puppy. We do offer shipping as well. Our pups are shipped on Continental Airlines. Arrangements must be made well in advance, due to the pup needing: approval to fly, a health certificate from the Vet, purchasing of an airline approved crate, an airline ticket, along with setting up a time that the new family can be at their airport to pick up their puppy. All of our puppies have arrived to their families safely and in good health. (Shipping is extra).

We can't tell you enough wonderful things about having a Pug as part of your family. As far as we're concerned, Pugs are the best breed you could possibly have for a companion. They already love you, all you have to do is love them back.

With a lot of Patience and a Nurturing style of teaching, our Pugs turn out to be very smart, confident and so very loving, it almost breaks my heart to see them go. They are such a blessing in our lives and in turn we take great joy in bringing a blessing into the lives of others, through them.    

We appreciate your interest in our Sweet Apple Pugs and hope we can assist you in your search for that perfect Pug puppy for you.

Sweet Apple Pug



Occasionally we have adults available for adoption that would make great companions due to retirement (or) we do not wish to breed (or) on occasion, a breeder that we are ready to part with, in order to bring in a new line.


The Pups from this line have over 175 Champions in their lineage. That's just counting 7 generations back. Their Grandparents and Great Grandparents on both sides are Champions in the show ring. Some of our pups in this line have the potential to become a Champion too.
These pups aren't just for the show ring. We make it possible for good families to have one as a part of their everyday normal lives.

Family Christmas pictures with Santa and your Pet

Have your next family Christmas card with Santa, include your Pets. In San Diego, CA. Click on this site and take a look at the "Classic Santa" Page! Santa and the Hamster:) ADORABLE!


NuVet Plus

Increase longevity and enhance the quality of life for your Sweet Apple Pug with the all natural supplement that boosts your dogs immune system. Click on this site to find out more about the ingredients and other advantages of NuVet Plus


About Pugs & Their History

Read about the fascinating Ancient History of the Pug.
Read about their temperment, size, needs and abilities to
find out if a Pug is the right fit for you and your family.


Pet Photographers

Sebastian Photo serving Southern California

No Limits Images serving the Mid-Ohio Valley

Here you will find links to some of the best Pet Photographers that just may be in your area, Take a look at their sites here.


A puppy taken from it's litter mates and brought home to a new environment, can be a little scary at first. We at Sweet Apple Pugs highly recommend the "Snuggle Puppy" as the perfect solution. It has a lifelike heartbeat you can turn on and off as needed, it also comes with 2 disposable heat packs and a pouch you can put either buckwheat or dry rice in and heat up in your microwave when the disposable packs are used up. Some families have sent the Snuggle Puppy here so we can put it in with the litter to gather the scent of siblings and then sent home with the pup at 8 weeks. Check it out on the link above.

Sweet Apple Pug & Snuggle Puppy

No Adults available for adoption at this time.